What is Push Advertising and Which Benefits It Has?

According to the statistics, 90% of people read push ads; 40% of people subscribe to push notifications; 80% follow the link specified in the push notification. The traffic on the site increases by 150%! The conversion on the site grows by 20-50%. The market promotion of goods and services on the Internet is constantly changing and evolving. Marketers have to adapt and use the newest, quality and progressive ways of promotion.

This is done in order to be the first in the market, to overcome competitors, and become a leader in their field. One of the main ways to popularize goods on the market is to create new types of communication with the buyer. And this is done with the help of push notifications. What are push ads and what is their use for conversion on your site?

What is a Push Ad?

Commercial sites should use the most profitable and effective ways to promote the resource, which attracts the target audience. And one such way is to use push ads. What is push advertising? Push notification is a small message that pops up on top of a site window. They have a link to the site or a specific page, call-to-action, as well as a commercial offer. Thanks to the fact that the message appears on top of the entire tab, its readability is almost 100%!

But along with this, there are many other studies that show that many users find push messages annoying. But the problem here is not that the new technologies themselves are not accepted by the community, but that the messages on the screen now appear on many sites. Nevertheless, most users agreed that they want to receive quality and interesting information on the notification.

What Are the Advantages of Push Ads?

The main advantage of push notification for the site manager is the cost. Most marketers and content managers cannot use regular SMS-sending. With the help of such messages, it could be used to notify the subscribers of the site about promotions, updates, and interesting offers. Push notifications in this plan are much more convenient, because the payment in this case is for the number of subscribers, not symbols. The cost of this type of advertising campaign will be much cheaper.

Only quality information and correctly issued push-notifications can attract the user. It's better to make interesting content, which will be published once a week, than to send to your subscriber the poor-quality information daily.